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4 reasons you should visit your local coffee shop!

All of us have heard the phrase “shop local” before, but many of us may not really understand why. Here are 4 reasons why you should visit your local coffee shop!

Fresh ingredients

What I love about a local coffee shop is that all of it’s the ingredients are fresh and amazing. Unlike your typical big name coffee shop, you will have everything made fresh daily. Whether you're looking for freshly brewed coffee, freshly baked pastry items, or even some signature drinks. You can feel the freshness in each item.

Quality coffee

A local coffee shop will really focus on quality. Not only will the ingredients be fresh, but your coffee will be made by trained baristas, who enjoy serving you and making you the perfect cup every time. Whether you like your espressos, your lattes, or just a plain old black coffee. You will taste the difference in quality.

Be part of the Community

Every local coffee shop will have its own community. Unlike a typical big name coffee shop, local coffee shops will have a much more welcoming environment. Whether you are a regular, or someone who drops by here and there, you will feel welcomed and a part of the community every time you visit. There are also so many small perks to a local coffee shop that you just can't get in a big name coffee shop.

Support the community

Remember that when you buy from your local coffee shop, you are supporting your community. This is more important than ever. Times are tough for small businesses. With the covid pandemic, we have seen big name corporations report record breaking profits, while local businesses are forced to close down because they cant pay the bills. Supporting local can go a really long way!