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Coffee benefits and social lifestyle

There’s nothing like waking up to the powerful aroma of coffee in the morning and nothing beats that first sip. Research proved that simply smelling coffee, without even consuming it had a significant effect on wakefulness and energy. But there is much more to coffee than just that sweet jolt of energy rush of caffeine.

Coffee has so many health benefits, it helps to boost your metabolism, of course it is not a workout replacement but it sure could make your workouts seem easier. It is also one of the greater contributors of antioxidants intake in your diet, a regular cup or two a day may help fight inflammation across your entire body. Coffee has many other health benefits like improving your heart health; regulate your emotions and overall holistic health.

Coffee was first cultivated and traded in Arabia during the 15th century and it was very popular in the Middle East public coffee shops, where people could listen to music, watch performances and play board games, while discussing world news over a cup of coffee. Shortly after, coffee shops were spreading and getting popular in Europe and around the world.

Coffee shops were, and continue to be hubs where people can talk, work, read, write, or simply gather to catch up and share ideas. Coffee shops are becoming more of a lifestyle experience where it’s a fun place to explore, learn and share our passion with like-minded people. There has been a huge spike with businesses trying to pair coffee with their business model to accommodate that social need of people.

In many countries, the social aspects of the coffee house have evolved to include the home, where individuals will host coffee mornings for friends and family to gather and converse. Or simply seen as “Me Time” where you would just sit, relax and enjoy some peaceful break to recharge and go on about your day.

If you take a minute to observe the Coffee community, you will realize that people are more interested in the social links that come from the brands affiliations than the brands themselves. We have a need to feel that we belong and like to identify ourselves with things that matter to us. You will see that some are die-hard fans of a specific coffee shop chain and take pride in being part of that loyal community to reflect some sort of social status. Mixed Senses, is a new Lifestyle Café located in the heart of the beaches Toronto. Once I visited this shop I just fell in love! I wanted to belong!

Mixed Senses recognizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle! And making today a better day for everyone! They gathered and selected all the elements needed to satisfy and enrich your five senses and presented it to in a fun and upscale way to tease all your senses with aromas, tasty coffee, nice music and conversations, beautiful art, and amazing locally handmade skin care products such as soaps and body salts.

Make sure to stop by and check out their amazing location. They did a great Job of building a brand specifically to serve the needs of the local community! I guarantee you will love it and you will become part of it.