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Everything you need to know about Latte art!

Have you ever seen a latte with a beautiful pattern on top and wondered what that pattern was? Well that is latte art, and I'm going to tell you all about it!

What is latte art?

Latte art is an artistic expression that is shared by baristas all over the world! It is a unique way that baristas decide to pattern their lattes when they are making it. It involves an espresso shot, followed by different creative milk pouring techniques that can create some beautiful latte art on the latte.

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How exactly is latte art made?

Latte art is very tricky. If you watch a tutorial on youtube you’ll see exactly what I mean! There are so many intricate steps, and there is so much attention to detail involved in each step. It is definitely not easy. But baristas all over the world practice to perfect their latte art! It is made by making the perfect latte, this means the right amount of espresso, brewed at the right consistency, then followed by milk that is heated at the right temperature to give it the perfect frothy texture. Then the barista will pour the milk, using specific techniques to make a pattern of their choice.

Brief history of latte art

Latte art originated a couple hundred years ago in Italy. The word latte means milk in italian, and the drink is called latte because it is simply an espresso shot with milk. The latte art technique started in Italy, but was made popular by many U.S. based coffee shops in the 1980s and 1990s. Now with social media and the internet, latte art has become increasingly popular all over the world.

How popular is latte art?

Believe it or not, latte art is extremely popular. Thanks to social media you can see millions of posts with the hashtag latte art, that are celebrating the artform. If you search up latte art on youtube, you will find videos with millions of views. It is popular all over the world. In North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and even parts of asia. In fact it is so popular that there is a World latte Art championship, where baristas compete to showcase their latte art!