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How to make Iced Coffee in 5 simple steps

For all of you iced coffee lovers, here is a quick recipe to make the perfect iced coffee in only 5 simple steps.

1. Get the ice

Obviously, one of the most important ingredients in an iced coffee is the ice. But there are two ways to do it. If you want the usual iced coffee flavour you can fill up your glass with a bunch of ice all the way to the rim. Now the alternative is to use coffee flavoured ice cubes. You can make these the day before and leave them in your fridge overnight, this will give your coffee a stronger flavour, instead of the watered down ice flavour that some people complain about.

2. Pour your coffee!

Now that your ice is set, you want to pour in your coffee. The key is to pour your coffee at room temperature, and not boiling hot. Try using some Demello coffee for maximum flavour!

3. Add milk or cream

The next step is to add cold milk or cream. There are a few variations that you can do. You can add milk, or you can add half and half. The half and half will be a bit more flavourful, but also heavier in calories. If you can't have milk, you can substitute for almond milk or soy milk.

4. Add sugar

Now you can add some white sugar (to taste) to really give your iced coffee that sweet flavour that everybody loves!

Stir it up!

Now all you have to do is stir your iced coffee to let all the ingredients mix, and it is ready to drink! This is a super simple recipe that tastes amazing, and will only take you 5 min to make. Give it a try!