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The best 5 things to do at the Toronto Beaches

We’ve all been stuck indoors due to Covid-19 and the cold Canadian weather and we are so desperate just to go outdoors and absorb the sunshine and let it soak into our skin. Due to many travel restrictions, I had to give up my plans to travel abroad so I had to be creative and try planning some local day excursions. After some research, I found the perfect day trip opportunity, the Toronto Beaches neighborhood! It’s a hidden gem located on the Eastern side of Toronto.

After visiting this neighborhood, I realized how underrated it is and I was very thankful to discover this beautiful spot. I am going to tell you exactly the places you MUST visit.

The Beaches is so rich with culture, art, coffee houses and bakeries, and lots of places to explore and enjoy the outdoors.

The Green Stuff (the other one)

I love to start my day with a fresh morning stroll in the magic of nature. I was so happy to find a nice spot in the Beaches neighborhood that looked like a great urban hike and Glen Stewart Ravine is just that!

It’s such a great little trail made up of a boardwalk through the ravine. The lush greenery was breathtaking. I took the stairs (lots of them so be ready) and found myself some really nice spots to admire.

The Great Coffee (with a side of sweet)

I decided to walk down Queen Street to admire the graffiti and local shops. The walk was very peaceful and the people were very friendly. I saw many with their pets walking around enjoying the day. I was actually surprised by how pet-friendly this neighborhood is leaving water bowls out for the dogs.

I stumbled upon a Café called Mixed Senses, what caught my eye is the colorful and vibrant wall mural while I was walking. I smelled Coffee from the outside so I had to go in! OH, I am so glad I did! I ordered a Cappuccino and pear Danish that I can guarantee you will love.

Their Barista was very friendly, knowledgeable and made me the best Cappuccino I ever had. They get their coffee from DemelloCoffee and BaroccoCoffee both local roasters. There is something different about this place. They mix Coffee, treats, art, and handmade soaps. All of my favorite things in one place! I’m in love… I would move to the beaches just to have my morning Coffee at Mixed Senses every morning.

The Beaches

Right across the street from Mixed Senses is Kew Gardens/Beaches Park So obviously I walk there to enjoy my Pear Danish while sipping my Coffee. I sat on one of the beaches under a tree to do some people watching, and enjoy the beautiful flowers. Every year (every normal year that is) in July this place hosts the amazing Toronto Beaches Jazz Festival that floods the place with great music and just a great time.

I made my way down to the Toronto Beaches Boardwalk enjoying the open air and overlooking the water around me. The boardwalk stretches all the way from the busy volleyball courts in the west at Woodbine Park beside Ashbridge’s Bay Park running about 3.5km long all the way to Silver Birch Avenue in the East.

There are some really nice open spots close to the water where you can just sit on Muskoka chairs and enjoy the nice breeze, so I took my shoes off and walked on the sandy beach feeling the warmth between my toes.

If you keep going you will pass a busy Off Leash Dog Park , Leuty Lifeguard Station (that is over 100 years old!) and a place to rent SUPs but mostly you will just find a whole lot of people doing great outdoor activities such as running, biking or just playing in the sand.

The Food

The Beaches area is so rich with a variety of restaurants and pubs; I had made some plans to meet up with a few friends to enjoy some takeout dinner at the park.

There were some amazing options around that are even walking distance from the park where we intended to have our dinner/picnic.

If you are in the mood for Sushi, check out Yumei Sushi this could be a light and convenient option.
For a big and more filling meal you can try Breakwall BBQ & Smokehouse. Especially if you love sharing and don’t mind messy fingers then I recommend their big boy sampler, you get a good amount of different delicious meals to try.

If you want a Gluten-Free and dairy-free option then Tori’s Bakery is your best option, they offer a variety of snacks, muffins, wraps, salads, and fresh juices that are delicious.

Also, down the road there is a relatively new Middle Eastern restaurant called Limon they serve a variety of items that you can pick from plus some vegetarian options. We thought this would be a convenient option since we were eating at the park. We ordered a variety of their sandwiches, the falafel are super tasty; portions are generous and salad was very fresh.

To be honest picnic at the park was a very enjoyable experience.

Buy Local

You can’t help but feel loyal and connected to this amazing neighborhood so before going home I made sure to make some stops at local shops on Queen Street East.

When I stopped by Mixed Senses I picked up a couple of handmade, vegan, and cruelty-free soaps and they also have great skincare and super cute postcards.

Another artsy postcard's place is Arts on Queen and they seem to support local artists too.

And I noted to myself that I must come and check out Set Me Free for cute clothing when they open up again.

I felt so thankful and appreciative for all the small blessings we have. I strongly advise you to visit the Beaches, whether by yourself, with friends, or with family. There is something for everyone to do and I guarantee you will love it.